DeSantis Slams Biden And Fauci As ‘Hostile’ To Covid Treatments

DeSantis Slams Biden And Fauci As ‘Hostile’ To Covid Treatments

The debate whether we should be focusing on covid vaccines or treatments continues, and it also creates a lot of controversies.

While some people believe that experts should focus on covid treatments rather than vaccines due to the potential side effects that the vaccines have, others are calling this segment of the population – the unvaxxed.

Fox News reveals that the Biden administration and much of the media continue to be hostile toward Ron DeSantis despite the Republican Florida governor’s success in battling the coronavirus pandemic.


DeSantis told “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview airing Sunday that the ongoing barrage of bad press and criticism from Washington is “all political.”

Fighting for covid treatments 

The same website that we mentioned above notes that he stressed he’s honestly fighting to provide Floridians with treatment options like monoclonal antibodies.

He wants these to go along with White House-supported vaccines while allowing residents to choose whether they want to be injected with the serums in the first place, as Fox News notes. 

“We set up these centers this summer when we started to see the delta variant rear its head, and it worked. We were keeping tens of thousands of people out of the hospital, saved thousands of lives. No one disputes that.”

This is what DeSantis said of Florida’s monoclonal antibody treatment sites.

“Well, as that was happening in September, the federal government decided to seize control of the monoclonal antibodies and cut supplies to Florida and Texas, mainly.”

Important covid-related interview

A few days ago, we revealed the fact that there’s an extraordinarily interesting interview that should be addressed here as well for all our readers, no matter how controversial it is.

The mRNA vaccine expert/inventor dr. Robert Malone went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to raise concerns over the covid 19 vaccines and also to touch a bunch of other interesting related issues. 

As the online publication the Daily Mail reports, YouTube has removed Joe Rogan’s interview with the scientist who helped invent mRNA vaccines. We suggest that you check out vital data about the interview in our previous article. 

The expert also addressed more potential covid treatments. 

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