Death Of Some Covid Vaccinated People: Does It Mean Vaccines Are Inefficient?

Death Of Some Covid Vaccinated People: Does It Mean Vaccines Are Inefficient?

The novel coronavirus managed to change the whole world, and it also divided people from all over the globe into two massive camps: individuals who promote and trust the covid vaccines completely and the ones who scrutinize and analyze potential side effects that these might have and therefore become more suspicious about the covid vaccines. 

There were also cases in which people who have been fully vaccinated contacted the novel coronavirus, which triggered covid 19, and they became more or less severely ill.

CNN just posted an article that addressed the fact that if vaccinated, people died from covid does not necessarily mean that the covid vaccines are not effective.

Fully vaccinated people and covid 19 

As you probably know by now, the former US Secretary of State Colin Powell died on Monday of Covid-19 complications.

His family announced that he was fully vaccinated, as CNN noted. He was 84 years old and had multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.

CNN noted that “Health officials worry that anti-vaccine activists will seize upon Powell’s death to make the claim that vaccines don’t work. If you can still die after being vaccinated for Covid-19, what’s the point of getting the vaccine?”

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What’s the answer to that question?  The author of CNN’s article notes that they discussed it with CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician, and professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health.

Covid vaccine’s efficiency explained 

She is also the author of a new book, “Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health.”

The expert had this to say about the covid vaccines.

“We need to start with the science and what the research shows. The Covid-19 vaccines are extraordinarily effective in preventing illness and especially severe disease. The most recent data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that they reduce the likelihood of testing positive for Covid-19 by six-fold and the likelihood of death by 11-fold.”

She continued and said the following: 

“That means that if you are vaccinated, you are six times less likely to get Covid-19 than someone who’s unvaccinated. And you are 11 times less likely to die from Covid-19 compared to an unvaccinated person. That’s really excellent.”

Check out the complete interview in order to learn all the available details. 

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