Dandelion Root Extract Kills Leukemia Cells, Prostate Cancer Cells and Chemo-Resistant Melanoma

Dandelion Root Extract Kills Leukemia Cells, Prostate Cancer Cells and Chemo-Resistant Melanoma

It looks like there are more and more natural anticancer remedies revealed these days. Let’s take a look at the dandelion root extract that is able to kill cancer cells. Check out the latest amazing reports below.

It has been revealed that a 2008 study published in the International Journal of Oncology showed that dandelion tea reduced breast and prostate cancer cells. “A subsequent report in the same journal showed that a dietary supplement that contained dandelion suppressed the growth of prostate cancer cells. Dandelion extracts have also demonstrated their efficacy in treating breast cancer and leukemia in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Native American medicine.”

More than that, it has been revealed the fact that dandelion extracts show promise in fighting colon and pancreatic cancer cells.

We suggest that you check out more amazing benefits in the original article. 

Another important article on Nih.gov reveals the fact that a massive review reveals some in vivo and in vitro studies on the potential of dandelion-derived products as complementary and alternative medicines/therapeutics against GI disorders.

“The whole herb may alleviate some symptoms related GI immuno-inflammatory basing on the abundant anti-inflammatory and anti-oxide active substances. Dandelion root could be a nontoxic and effective anticancer alternative owing to its abundant terpenoids and polysaccharides. However, research related to GI-protective dandelion-derived products remains limited.”

More notes revealed the fact that the underlying molecular mechanisms may include “immuno-inflammatory mechanisms, apoptosis mechanism, autophagy mechanism, and cholinergic mechanism, although interactions of dandelion’s constituents with GI health-related biological entities (e.g., GI microbiota and associated biological modulators) or other ingested bioactive compounds shouldn’t be ignored.”

It has been reported the fact that besides the need of identifying bioactive compounds/complexes in various dandelion species, more clinical studies are also required on the metabolism, bioavailability and safety of these substances to support their applications in food, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

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