Covid Vaccines Severe Mental Issues Including Hallucinations Are Addressed

Covid Vaccines Severe Mental Issues Including Hallucinations Are Addressed

It has been revealed the fact that the covid vaccines’ have been causing severe mental issues, which include hallucinations. These have been addressed via Twitter aka the new X platform of Elon Musk.

Here is the important message that someone shared via the social media platform.

“Why is no one talking about how the COVID vaccine is manifesting severe mental health symptoms in people like hallucinations? Reading these reports from VAERS is unbelievably unsettling. How many murders have happened because of vaccine-induced psychosis? What about these recent stories of parents murdering their children out of nowhere?

If you look in my bio and read my SS, I have an article linking to reports for every one of these listed below, along with detailed case reports showing directly after vaccination.”

Here are a few examples of what doctors reported about their patients.

“>1 day following administration of 2nd COVID vaccine in series, patient began to experience voices, delusions and hallucinations. Jesus visiting her. Poor eating. Poor sleeping. Denied fevers, chills, muscle aches.

>The patient reported feeling anxious and restless, having a reduced appetite, and hearing terrifying voices and seeing random people staring at her. She also complained of interrupted sleep with frequent nightmares and sleep terror.

He reported depressed mood, suicidal ideation, and auditory hallucinations encouraging him to kill himself, but denied homicidal ideation. Upon admission, he was observed to have hyperactivity, impulsivity, irritability, flight of ideas, labile affect, pressured and hyperverbal speech, tangential thought processes, limited attention, and poor short- and long-term memory, with limited recall of three objects after five minutes and major historical events.”

The notes continued and revealed the following:

“>Over the next 3 to 4 days, she started to remain irritable, talk irrelevantly, try to run away from home, voiced delusions of persecution and reference, and reported visual hallucinations of seeing Gods and demons.

>The patient would only get dressed in the dark, believing people could see her in her closet or bathroom behind a closed door. She heard whispers of people talking about her and would carry on full conversations with them.

However, her symptoms kept worsening, and from the fourth day, additionally started voicing delusions of persecution against her sister-in-law (i.e., planning to harm her) and reported commanding auditory hallucinations which were present for most part of the day, and were very distressing to the patient.”

Check out the symptomatology that has been described by some of the people who received the vaccines:

“Amnesia – Total number of reports: 3,489

Dementia – Total number of reports: 2,841

Encephalopathy – Total number of reports: 1,955

Encephalitis – Total number of reports: 1,409

Schizophrenia – Total number of reports: 332

Violent – Total number of reports: 950

Psychotic – Total number of reports: 430

Aggression – Total number of reports: 442

Aggressive – Total number of reports: 792”

We suggest that you check out more data in the official notes. 

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