COVID Vaccines Are Now Independently Associated With Long COVID

COVID Vaccines Are Now Independently Associated With Long COVID

According to new reports, it seems that the COVID-19 vaccines are now associated with long-term COVID-19. This is a really important matter that is worth digging into.

COVID vaccines and long COVID

Dr. Deborah Birx says ‘Long COVID’ is similar to HIV

“HIV quietly destroyed our immune system…We’re learning now about mitochondria and viral impact and brain fog and the changes in our neurons and the cells that nourish our neurons that really allow us to think and move, and we’re learning that because what long COVID has done.”

New mind-blowing study drops the bomb

According to official notes, a study was published in PLOS One where researchers analyzed data from 487 and 371 individuals, four weeks and six months post-SARS-CoV-2 infection respectively, to estimate the incidence, characteristics, and predictors of long COVID among patients.

The researchers found that 29.2 percent of participants reported long COVID symptoms four weeks after infection, which dropped to 9.4 percent at six months, suggesting that symptoms may reduce over time.

Additionally, the study found that patients who had severe cases of infection were more likely to experience long COVID compared to those with mild/moderate disease.

At four weeks of follow-up, the incidence of long COVID was 23.4 percent in those with mild/moderate disease compared to 62.5 percent in those with severe cases.

“At six months, the incidence of long COVID was considerably lower. For those with mild/moderate infection, only 7.2 percent reported symptoms compared with 23.1 percent in those with severe/critical cases. The most commonly reported symptom was fatigue. Other symptoms included cough, cognitive dysfunction or brain fog, and loss of taste and smell,” the notes continue.

We suggest that you check out the original study in order to learn more details about this.

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