Covid Vaccine To Be Sold In UK, Regardless Of The Terrible Effects

Covid Vaccine To Be Sold In UK, Regardless Of The Terrible Effects

An outrageous report has just surfaced, stating the fact that the COVID vaccines will be sold in UK high street pharmacies, regardless of its already know terrible side effects and the scandals that are already taking place about the matter.

Covid vaccine to be sold in UK

According to, starting from next month, the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine will be sold in UK high street pharmacies.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is currently in talks with major pharmacy chains, including Boots, to offer the vaccine to those who are unable to obtain it through the NHS.

The cost of the vaccine will be determined by individual pharmacies, similar to the way prices are set for annual flu jabs.

The vaccine is suitable for people aged 12 and above and will also be available through private health firms. Dr. Gillian Ellsbury, the primary care medical director at Pfizer UK, emphasized that Covid-19 is still a threat and has not yet disappeared.

“As we move from a pandemic to an endemic state, we need to ensure we remain ready to respond to this constantly evolving and unpredictable virus.

“Vaccines remain an important pillar in helping to prevent serious illness or hospitalisation as a result of Covid-19.

“By enabling the wider availability of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine we are facilitating choice and access for those that are not eligible to receive it through the NHS programme, but want the option of a Covid-19 vaccine.”

A representative from Moderna has announced that the company plans to offer vaccines for private sales to healthcare providers by autumn 2024.

Meanwhile, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has recommended that a Covid booster should be given to adults aged 75 and over, care home residents, and anyone aged six months or older who has a weakened immune system.

These booster shots will be administered through the NHS.

The announcement comes just amidst the massive vaccine-related scandal that I have addressed the other day.

Rishi Sunak involved in massive COVID-vaccine scandal

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak gets blasted on National Television over the harms that the COVID vaccine has brought. According to multiple reports, even if not too many people know this, he has invested a load of cash in Moderna, making millions.

During the GB News People’s forum, Rishi Sunak seemed to be taken aback when he was asked tough questions about the potential side effects of the Covid vaccine.

A member of the audience used the opportunity to express his concerns about the vaccine and demanded that Sunak address him directly. The audience member was visibly upset and asked Sunak to look him in the eye, GBNews reports.

Check out more details in our previous article. 

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