Covid Vaccine Booster Does “More Harm Than Good”, Oncology Prof. Says

Covid Vaccine Booster Does “More Harm Than Good”, Oncology Prof. Says

The covid vaccines continue to make headlines these days, and the issues that continue to surface about them are beyond terrifying. Check out the latest reports below.

More details about covid boosters

Professor Angus Dalgleish is Professor of Oncology at St Georges Hospital Medical School London. He is renowned for his ground-breaking work into HIV/AIDS. His conclusions on the Covid virus confound the Government line. revealed the following: 

“The Government has just announced they are recommending and making available Covid vaccine boosters for the spring and summer, with Steve Barclay, Minister of Health, saying it will make everybody safe.”

The same online pubcalition also revealed the fact that last week the Policy Exchange Forum, who you would have thought would be pushing for objective assessment and open debate, held a forum entitled ‘What is the future for vaccines policy?’ with speakers from the Government and the pharmaceutical industry.

“Having researched vaccines for many years and in particular looked very closely at the outcome of covid vaccination policies throughout the world, I was very interested to attend.”

The notes continued and stated this:

“it has been reported that the Government is increasing the number of people dealing with vaccine injuries up from a current four people to 80. This is absolutely staggering.”

Whatever the reason, there is no justification for pursuing messenger RNA-based vaccines, particularly when the recent Moderna trial showed that a messenger RNA flu vaccine was not only no better than any other available vaccine but also had far worse side effects.

The same online publication also shared the following: “this should be the death nail for this technology for infectious diseases.”

Covid in the news

Not too long ago, we revealed the fact that there was actually no covid pandemic in Sweden. This may definitely come as a shock but allow me to explain it all below.

Check out the following relevant tweet in order to understand more about this issue:

Here’s more relevant info below:

The illusion of a pandemic

Not too long ago, I have already addressed how the authorities managed to make people believe that there is actually a pandemic going on all over the world.

The information is already out in the open; you just have to know where to look for it. Elon Musk allowed the banned important voices from the medical industry to speak, and hell has been unleashed upon those who did this to the world. Just take a look at all the new reports demonstrating the fact that authorities knew from the very beginning what’s been happening. 

Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about this. 

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