Covid Vaccinated People Are Still Getting Infected; Here’s Experts’ Explanation

Covid Vaccinated People Are Still Getting Infected; Here’s Experts’ Explanation

More and more people are choosing to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus with the available shots all over the world. On the other hand, such vaccines have never been more surrounded by all kinds of controversies in the world’s history so far.

CNBC just revealed that people who are getting fully vaccinated against the novel disease are highly protected against the most severe infections, hospitalizations and death – this is what most experts are saying.

But, there are more and more coronavirus cases among fully vaccinated people. Experts are addressing the issue, and they reveal more reasons for which this happens. 

Main reasons for covid infections among fully vaccinated people 

CNBC notes that none of the vaccines being deployed in the U.S. or Europe are 100% effective at preventing infection.

“In addition, new Covid strains such as the highly infectious delta variant — which is now prevalent around the world —have complicated the efficacy picture,” the same online publication notes.

Credit:, fernando zhiminaicela
Credit:, fernando zhiminaicela

There is also “incomplete data into how long immunity from Covid lasts following vaccination.”

No vaccine is 100% effective 

Professor Lawrence Young, who is a virologist at the University of Warwick’s Medical School in the U.K., told CNBC that cases of Covid in fully vaccinated people are a reminder that “no vaccine is 100% effective.”

“There will always be a proportion of individuals who will still remain susceptible to infection and illness.”

This is what he said on Monday. He continued and pointed out the following: 

“There are also two other factors that impact vaccine effectiveness: (1) waning immunity — we still don’t know how long vaccine-induced protective immunity lasts. This is very likely to be a factor in those elderly and more vulnerable individuals who were vaccinated early in the vaccine rollout program.”

Some pretty crucial issues about the coronavirus vaccines have been recently addressed by expert Anthony Fauci and we strongly suggest that you check them out in our previous articles. 

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