Covid Pandemic: 80% Of The People Placed On Ventilators Died, Joe Rogan And Elon Musk Confirm

Covid Pandemic: 80% Of The People Placed On Ventilators Died, Joe Rogan And Elon Musk Confirm

The subject of covid is definitely here to stay because criminals got away with murder during the pandemic. The treatment was worse than the disease, and that’s why this subject will not die until justice is made.

Musk and Rogan on covid deaths

Joe Rogan has recently invited Elon Musk to address more issues, and the pandemic was one of them. Here’s an extraordinary post on Twitter, a full thread that sheds light on various matters.

The thread continued and revealed the following information:

“Elon Musk’s statements about the ventilators are corroborated by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

On June 7, 2023, Mercola wrote about “The COVID hospital death trap” on X. Here’s what he stated on the subject:

Within weeks of the pandemic outbreak, it had become apparent that the standard practice of putting COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation was a death sentence.”

The same notes said:

“76.4% of COVID-19 patients (aged 18 to 65) in New York City who were placed on ventilators died. Among patients over age 65 who were vented, the mortality rate was 97.2%. The recommendation to place COVID patients on mechanical ventilation as a first-line response came from the World Health Organization, which allegedly based its guidance on experiences and recommendations from doctors in China. But venting COVID patients wasn’t recommended because it increased survival. It was to protect healthcare workers by isolating the virus inside the vent machine. Data suggest around 10,000 patients died with COVID in NYC hospitals after being put on ventilators in spring 2020. Other metropolitan areas also saw massive spikes in deaths among younger individuals who were at low risk of dying from COVID. It’s possible many of these deaths were the result of being placed on mechanical ventilation.”

The topic is a burning one, and it will definitely continue until justice is made.

My own opinion is the fact that reality does not cease to exist just because it’s ignored. It was not about covid; it was a pandemic of fear, ignorance, and malice. The virus is always in the human mind.

There were two kinds of people out there – the ones who fought for truth with the risk of being hated by everyone and the ones who didn’t care because “if it doesn’t happen to me, it doesn’t exist because others don’t matter.” Too bad people didn’t realize after a whole lifetime that what happens to one happens to us all; therefore, life, truth, and freedom are sacred and must be protected at all costs.

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