Covid New Side Effects Are Revealed By Experts

Covid New Side Effects Are Revealed By Experts

There are more and more covid 19 side effects that are analyzed by experts. Fox News just revealed the latest ones, which could reportedly include memory loss and brain fog. Check out the available notes below.

Fox News’ article notes that memory loss and “brain fog” may be long-term side effects of the terrible disease triggered by the novel according to researchers.

“In a recent study published last week in the journal JAMA Network Open, Mt. Sinai Health System experts analyzed data from 740 participants – some of whom had contracted the virus and some who had only received a covid vaccine.”

Prevalence of post-covid cognitive impairment

The same article also notes the fact that the average age of the patients – who had no history of dementia – was 49 and 63% of them were women.

For measuring the prevalence of post-covid cognitive impairment and its association with the severity of the disease, the team studied patient data from April 2020 through May 2021.

“The relative sparing of memory recognition in the context of impaired encoding and recall suggests an executive pattern.”

This is what the researchers wrote, and they continued to explain the following:

“This pattern is consistent with early reports describing a dysexecutive syndrome after COVID-19 and has considerable implications for occupational, psychological, and functional outcomes.”

Long covid side effects are debated 

The terrible effects of long covid have been debated for a while now, and the studies about all this continue. CNBC just posted an article in which the author is debating this subject using data taken from a new study.

The brand new study reportedly discusses the damaging impacts for “long Covid” patients.


Just in case you are not aware of this term, these are people whose symptoms last months after initially becoming infected.

“Our work and the work of others has shown that this affects people’s abilities to make plans, synthesize information, and do their daily activities of work.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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