Covid In UK: Meningitis Cases Exceed Pre-Covid Levels In Teenagers & Young Adults

Covid In UK: Meningitis Cases Exceed Pre-Covid Levels In Teenagers & Young Adults

The novel coronavirus has ravished the world one way or another and the new virus continues to make headlines these days as well. Check out the latest reports coming from the UK below.

Sky News just revealed that the increase in the autumn follows a fall in infectious diseases due to lockdown measures introduced to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

It’s been also reported that the “majority” of meningitis infections are said to be spreading among students.

“Meningococcal disease is a life-threatening infection caused by bacteria that can go on to cause meningitis and sepsis. There are five main meningococcal strains that cause disease in the UK, with meningitis B the most common.”

The official reports note that the disease can be fatal, but can also lead to permanent disability and other serious health outcomes.

A report by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), is one that also analyzed recent data, and showed that in “autumn 2021 there was an increase in the numbeSource: Pixabayr of cases” in teenagers and young adults, mainly caused by “group B meningococcal disease”.


Commons signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicemia include the following:

“fever with cold hands and feet, drowsy or difficult to wake, confusion and irritability, severe muscle pain, pale blotchy skin, spots or rash, severe headache, stiff neck, dislike of bright lights, and convulsions or seizures.”

Moderna and terrible news about their covid vaccine

There are all kinds of discussions about the potential side effects of the covid vaccine, and these include heart inflammation for younger people. Check out the latest reports involving Moderna vaccines below.

It seems that the very rare side effect among under-31s of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine leads to the fact that Belgium stopped using this vaccine last month for the first two vaccine doses of people in this age group.

Preliminary findings from Danish research have shown that vaccination with Moderna resulted in an increased risk of inflammation of the heart muscle in young men following the first or second dose in comparison with the Pfizer vaccine.

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