Covid Could Result In A Surge Of Dementia Cases, Alzheimer’s Experts Say

Covid Could Result In A Surge Of Dementia Cases, Alzheimer’s Experts Say

The novel coronavirus became a nightmare for the whole world, and it seems that it’s not set to come to an end too soon. More and more problems arise despite the fact that there are already vaccines against the novel virus and the terrible disease that it can trigger.

Now, more disturbing news gets out regarding the covid effects. CNBC notes that we might see a massive wave of dementia that the numerous cases of covid could bring.

CNBC reveals that according to a group representing over 100 Alzheimer’s and dementia associations globally, we could be faced with this new problem. 

The Alzheimer’s Disease International is urging the WHO and governments around the world to “urgently fast track research on the potential impact of COVID-19 on increasing dementia rates.”

This says the pandemic could cause a “significant rise in the number of dementia patients in the long term.”

Covid could cause dementia signs to show up earlier 

It’s been revealed that some new research has shown that Covid infections can increase the likelihood of developing dementia and cause dementia symptoms to show up earlier.

“Dementia generally refers to a deterioration in the brain that impairs memory, thoughts, behavior and emotion,” CNBC notes.


Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and there is currently no cure for the health condition.

“Dementia rates may drop temporarily as a result of the high number of deaths of people with dementia due to COVID-19, with between 25 to 45 percent of all COVID-19 deaths estimated to be of those with dementia.”

This is what the London-based group said in a media release Wednesday.

Over the long term, the number of people suffering from dementia could rise exponentially due to the neurological impact of covid. 

Stay tuned for more news about the novel coronavirus and the effects that the disease could trigger. 

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