Covid Breakthrough: 90% Patients Treated With New Drug Are Discharged In 5 Days

Covid Breakthrough: 90% Patients Treated With New Drug Are Discharged In 5 Days

There have been all kinds of news about the coronavirus vaccines and potential treatments these days. 

It’s been already revealed that the Delta variant is the most dangerous one so far, according to more expert opinions across the globe and this has been making headlines all over the world. 

Also, not too long ago, we revealed that Fauci dropped some sad news about the disease. 

Fauci released pretty unsettling news about the coronavirus pandemic.

New coronavirus drug looks promising

Now, it’s been reported that there’s a new drug that seems extremely promising.

The Jerusalem Post writes that some 93% of 90 coronavirus serious patients treated in several Greek hospitals with a new drug developed by a team at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center as part of the Phase II trial of the treatment were discharged in five days or fewer.
The same online publication notes that the Phase II trial confirmed the results of Phase I, which was conducted in Israel last winter and saw 29 out of 30 patients in moderate to serious condition recover within days.
“The main goal of this study was to verify that the drug is safe,” Prof. Nadir Arber said.

He continued and said the following:

“To this day we have not registered any significant side effect in any patient from both groups.”

“It is important to remember that 19 out of 20 COVID-19 patients do not need any therapy,” Arber said.

“After a window of five to 12 days, some 5% of the patients start to deteriorate.”

Coronavirus antibodies revealed just revealed that one-third of white-tailed deer in the northeastern United States have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 — this is a sign that they have been infected with the virus.

These findings have been revealed by an analysis of samples collected after the pandemic began.

Stay tuned for more news about the new virus and make sure to stay safe. 

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  1. Hope we r working on something proven to b less evasive n not so harmful to people, those giving out information r so distrusted it’s hard for some to believe anything they say!!! Have ones that have earn peoples trust not the criminals we have n some that r not n the Whitehouse but r running our country hiding in the shadows with only evil n his/ her soul


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