Covid Breaking News: Vaccination Not Mandatory In Czech Republic

Covid Breaking News: Vaccination Not Mandatory In Czech Republic

More and more nations are taking a step back regarding covid restrictions. Check out the latest reports coming from the Czech Republic. 


More than that, it’s been also revealed that the new Czech government is “suspending the planned Corona vaccination mandate for people over 60 and healthcare workers.It would have come into force from March.”

Suspending mandatory vaccination 

“This does not change our stance on vaccination. It is still undoubtedly the best way to fight covid 19 … however, we do not want to deepen fissures in society,” Fiala said.

Just in case you don’t know, massive protests rocked the previous government, which ordered covid 19 vaccinations for hospital and nursing home staff, police, soldiers, and some other professions, anyone over age 60.

“Fiala’s government has also shortened quarantine and isolation times, while launching mandatory testing of employees at companies from this week,” the report noted.

The same notes said the following:

“Hospitalisations, which peaked in the latest Delta wave at more than 7,000 in early December, dropped to 1,635 on Tuesday from 1,761 reported for Monday.”

Moderna important news about covid vaccine

Earlier today, we revealed that there are all kinds of discussions about the potential side effects of the covid vaccine, and these include heart inflammation for younger people. Check out the latest reports involving Moderna vaccines below.

It seems that the very rare side effect among under-31s of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine leads to the fact that Belgium stopped using this vaccine last month for the first two vaccine doses of people in this age group.

“The decision for the basic vaccination of 18- to 30-year-olds is based on international knowledge of possible side effects that are very rare. We took this decision as a precaution.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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