Covid Breaking News: Delta Variant Is Two Times More Dangerous

Covid Breaking News: Delta Variant Is Two Times More Dangerous

The novel coronavirus remains in the spotlight especially since the Delta variant has been freaking the whole world out.

Yahoo Finance just posted an article that reveals what Kristen Choi, PhD, MS, RN, Assistant Professor, UCLA School of Nursing, had to say about the Delta variant of the virus.

She joined Yahoo Finance Live to break down how transmissible the delta variant of COVID is and the long term impact of this.

The Delta variant is the dominant strain 

Among others, Choi noted that “the Delta variant has definitely emerged as the dominant coronavirus strain here in the United States. And it’s a concern because we know that this variant is two times more transmissible than the original coronavirus that we saw in the US last winter.”

She also continued and said that the good news is that we do have some protection against this variant coming from the coronavirus vaccines.

“They’re a bit less effective against the variant than the original coronavirus strain,” he said.

But she also made sure to explain the following:

“But nevertheless, they appear to be very effective at preventing hospitalizations and deaths. And so far, almost all of the hospitalizations and deaths that we’re seeing, upwards of 99% of those cases are among the unvaccinated.”

Speaking about vaccines, there are a lot of controversial issues surrounding them.

Some vaccinated people are dying from Covid 19

Fox News notes that almost half of the country’s recent COVID-19 deaths are of people who have been vaccinated. But doctors and scientists don’t sound the alarm about the apparently high proportion of deaths among the vaccinated population.

They say the figures so far offer reassurance that vaccines offer substantial protection against the variant, particularly after two doses.

If you did not know by now, Delta, first identified in India, has since spread to at least 85 countries.

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