Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate, Blocked In NYC

Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate, Blocked In NYC

The mandatory covid 19 vaccines is a subject that has been debated a lot lately all over the world. 

Not too long ago, we revealed that experts’ efforts to stop the pandemic have been making Covid-19 vaccines mandatory in some locations. 

Fauci supports mandatory Covid-19 vaccines 

ABCNews notes that the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he would support mandating the Covid-19 vaccines for air travel.

“I would support that,” Dr. Fauci told The Skimm podcast on Friday. He continued and said the following:

“If you want to get on a plane and travel with other people … you should be vaccinated.”

The same online publication notes that the U.S. Travel Association responded that while they support people getting vaccinated, they have “long maintained that there should be no mandatory vaccination requirement for domestic travel.”

NYC judge blocks mandatory covid 19 vaccines 

It’s been just revealed that a federal appeals judge has blocked a New York City COVID-19 mandate which was set to take effect on Monday, from being enforced on teachers and other staff members in the NYC Department of Education.

Fox News revealed that prior to the judge’s action out of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, it was reported that Department of Education employees who had not yet gotten their first dose of the vaccine before the end of the day on Monday could be separated or suspended without pay, the same article notes. 

Credit: Unsplash, Roman Grachev

Regarding the ruling, the Department of Education released the following statement:

“We’re confident our vaccine mandate will continue to be upheld once all the facts have been presented, because that is the level of protection our students and staff deserve. Our current vax-or-test mandate remains in effect and we’re seeking speedy resolution by the Circuit Court next week. Over 82 percent of DOE employees have been vaccinated and we continue to urge all employees to get their shot by September 27.”

It’s been also revealed that according to data from the Department of Education, 82% of some 150,000 DOE employees, including 88% of teachers and 95% of principals are vaccinated, says the same website. 

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