Covid-19-Vaccine Induced “Turbo Cancers” Could Be Treatable With Popular Sleep Medication, Oncologist Says

Covid-19-Vaccine Induced “Turbo Cancers” Could Be Treatable With Popular Sleep Medication, Oncologist Says

It has been just revealed the fact that COVID-19-vaccine-induced turbo cancers could be treatable with a popular sleep medication. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Covid-19 vaccine-induced cancers could be treated with popular medicine

Here is the Twitter post by Dr. William Makis that sheds light on the matter below.

“Dr. William Makis reviewed eight recent peer-reviewed papers on melatonin and cancer, and he’s what he summarized about the popular sleep medication:

#1 – Melatonin Boosts the Immune System: It enhances the body’s immune response, potentially aiding in the fight against various diseases, including cancer.

#2 – Melatonin has properties that can prevent the onset or development of cancers.

#3 – Melatonin has shown potential in treating various cancer types, including breast cancer, glioblastoma, colon cancer, lung cancer, hepatobiliary cancers, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.

#4 – Melatonin Enhances Chemo and Radiation Therapies: It not only boosts the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation treatments but also helps in reducing the side effects associated with them.

#5 – Melatonin Regulates Oncogenic micro RNAs (miRNAs or Oncomirs): It has the capability to enhance tumor suppressor miRNAs and inhibit the harmful oncogenic miRNAs.

#6 – High Dosage Treatment Options: While regular melatonin supplements might contain doses like 3mg, 5mg, or 10mg, some cancer patients are being administered much higher doses, such as 50mg, 100mg, 360mg, and even up to 720mg. “Melatonin can improve the immune system, it can prevent cancer, and it can treat cancer. Perhaps it can treat mRNA Vaccine Turbo Cancer also,” @MakisMD concluded.”

This has been a subject that has been addressed a lot lately, with experts addressing the terrible outcomes that some patients have been seeing following the covid 19 vaccines.

You can check out more details about the vaccine effects in more of our previous articles.

Here is another Twitter post that addresses the issue:

Stay tuned for more details about the vaccines, their effect, and various ways to treat some of the effects that you might experience.

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