Covid 19 Surging Cases: Denver Is Renewing Mask Mandates

Covid 19 Surging Cases: Denver Is Renewing Mask Mandates

It’s been revealed that Denver just renewed covid 19 mask mandate which requires face coverings for businesses and more indoor public spaces until January 3. This is unless the venue checks vaccine cards at the door. notes that the order takes effect Wednesday.

Neighboring countries are taking similar steps 

The same publication also noted the fact that neighboring counties have taken similar steps.

A recent surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations across Colorado puts the health care system at risk, Hancock said at a news conference, as cited by the same publication. 

It’s also worth noting the fact that Denver’s hospitals are at 95% of capacity due to the number of virus cases, said Robin Wittenstein, CEO of Denver Health.

“The health care system is on the brink of collapse,” she said.

The same publication also notes that there’s an estimated 76% of Denver residents have received at least one vaccine dose, data the mayor called “stellar.”


It’s also worth mentioning the fact that Colorado Governor Jared Polis said a statewide mask mandate is “not something we’re considering,” leaving the decision to local authorities within the “social license they represent.”

South Australia gets ready for lockdown 

Recently, it’s been also revealed that a hard lockdown is taking place in Australia at the moment due to the rising covid cases. Check out the latest news below.

Take a look at this relevant tweet:


Health authorities in South Australia are racing to organize quarantine “camps” for Aboriginal people unable to quarantine at home.

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