Covid 19 Nightmare: Going From Pandemic To Endemic

Covid 19 Nightmare: Going From Pandemic To Endemic

There’s a massive difference between a pandemic and an endemic, and experts weigh in when the covid pandemic could turn endemic. is analyzing the issue and they recently posted an article about the subject. 

The article begins by noting the fact that the broad consensus among experts is that it’s not realistic to think we’re going to totally eradicate the virus. But things will not last forever as they are today and we will definitely see the coronavirus moving out of the pandemic phase and into the endemic phase.

Going into the endemic phase 

What the article notes is that this means the fact that the virus will keep circulating in parts of the global population for years, “but its prevalence and impact will come down to relatively manageable levels, so it becomes more like the flu than a world-stopping disease.”

“We have to remember that we are still in a pandemic with this virus.”

This is what Jen Kates, director of global health and HIV policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Kates continued and stated the following:

“We’re not yet at a point where we’re living with endemic Covid. When we get to that point some of this will be much easier, but we’re not there.”

The article continues and notes that it’s important to know the signs that we are in an endemic phase. 

“A disease is endemic if the reproductive number is stably at one. That means one infected person, on average, infects one other person.”

This is what Boston University epidemiologist Eleanor Murray said.

Murray continued and explained:

“Right now, we are nowhere near that. Each person who’s infected is infecting more than one person.”

Check out the following relevant tweet as well:


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