Covid 19 Infections Are Higher Among Individuals Who Wear Masks, Norway Study Says

Covid 19 Infections Are Higher Among Individuals Who Wear Masks, Norway Study Says

It seems that COVID-19 infections are higher among individuals who wear masks, according to a new Norway report. Check out more details about this below.

COVID-19 infections and masks are strongly related

Check out the following relevant tweet about the matter below:

“We were told that masks save lives, but it turns out the exact opposite is true.

A study from Norway uncovered a higher likelihood of COVID-19 infections among individuals who regularly wore masks compared to those who didn’t.

Key insights from the study:

• This startling outcome emerged from a detailed analysis involving 3,209 participants, monitored over a 17-day period for their mask usage habits.

• A notable increase in COVID-19 positivity was observed among frequent mask users, from 8.6% in rare mask wearers to over 15% in consistent users.

• Adjustments for various factors revealed a 33-40% elevated infection rate in regular mask wearers, although further adjustments suggested a more modest 4% increase.”

There is another relevant tweet showing people the explanation offered by Tucker Carlson about the reasons for why people will never get an apology about what had happened during the COVID pandemic.

It has been reported that children vaccinated with messenger RNA Covid-19 show higher risks of some illness, according to a recent study.

Vaccinated children at higher risk for disease

A recent study found that children who participated in clinical trials of Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were at a higher risk of certain illnesses.

According to Dr. Christine Stabell Benn and other researchers, children who received one of the mRNA vaccines were more susceptible to respiratory tract infections and serious side effects compared to those who received a placebo.

Check out more details about this in the article that we have previously shared.

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