Covid 19 Herd Immunity In UK: New Data Is Out

Covid 19 Herd Immunity In UK: New Data Is Out

The discussions about the immunity following Covid 19 continue, and the debate whether natural immunity is better than the one given by the vaccines is also under the spotlight for a really long time now.

The Wall Street Journal notes that the UK was basically an experiment that has been watched by the whole world. 

“The U.K., in an experiment watched by the world, lifted most Covid-19 restrictions in the summer, wagering that immunity from vaccinations and prior infections would keep the virus at bay.”

The article posted by the same online publication mentioned above noted that three months later, the British experience shows that, in the face of the highly transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus, “herd immunity is elusive.”

The same notes reveal that the Covid-19 cases and deaths have risen in recent weeks as winter has begun to close in.

The bottom line is this:

“Reliance on immunity, which is imperfect to begin with and wanes over time, doesn’t guarantee a quick victory over Delta.”

Take a look at the original article posted by The Wall Street Journal in order to learn all the available details. 

Covid vaccines make headlines 

It’s been just reported that the FDA authorized booster shots for Johnson & Johnson and Moderna covid vaccines. Another important step in this direction is distributing extra doses to tens of millions of people. 


At the same time, U.S. regulators authorized “mixing and matching” vaccines, allowing Americans to get a booster shot from a different drugmaker than the one that made their initial doses.

“Today’s actions demonstrate our commitment to public health in proactively fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This is what acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock said in a statement.

Stay tuned for more news and make sure to remain safe, you and your loved ones as well. 

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