Covid 19 Breakthrough: FDA Authorizes Antibody Treatment

Covid 19 Breakthrough: FDA Authorizes Antibody Treatment

There are multiple potential treatments in the works for the novel coronavirus, and the antibody treatment is one of them. 

People who are at considerable risk of developing severe Covid 19 disease (these also include millions of Americans who have compromised immune systems) now can enjoy the opportunity to get a preventive monoclonal antibody treatment if they have been at risk of being exposed to the novel coronavirus, according to NBC News. 

New preventive treatment brings hope 

The same online publication notes that FDA’s action on Friday brings hope to the estimated 3 percent of Americans who are immunocompromised.

These include people with autoimmune diseases, HIV patients, cancer patients and organ transplant recipients, who may still be vulnerable to Covid even after being fully vaccinated.

An important thing worth mentioning is the fact that this is the first time an injectable coronavirus antibody treatment has been approved for use as a prevention of the terrible disease after someone has been exposed to the virus.

“It’s a race between your ability to make an antibody to protect your lungs and the rest of your body and the virus.”

This is what Dr. Myron Cohen, a leading coronavirus antibody researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and one of the investigators behind the study of REGEN-COV as prevention, said.

“And if you’re likely to lose the race, you’re the person for whom these antibody drugs are appropriate.”

The novel coronavirus managed to change our lives probably for good. Normality, as we used to know it is now a mere memory as we are all adapting to the new normal, as the authorities are calling it. 

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Coronavirus breaking news

It’s been just revealed that dr Anthony Fauci released pretty unsettling news about the coronavirus pandemic.

Yahoo News notes that Fauci believes that lockdowns the country saw last year are not likely to return, but he warned “things will get worse” during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

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