Coronavirus Breakthrough Treatment: AstraZeneca Antibody Cocktail Turns Out Successful In Treating Covid-19

Coronavirus Breakthrough Treatment: AstraZeneca Antibody Cocktail Turns Out Successful In Treating Covid-19

It’s been just revealed that AstraZeneca’s experimental covid-19 drug seems to be successful, and this report brings massive hope for people all over the world. 

According to the latest reports from the Reuters press agency, the drug managed to help cur the risk of severe disease or death in a late-stage study.

These facts have been all reported by the British drugmaker today.

AstraZeneca makes efforts to develop covid medication 

This whole thing is a part of the company’s efforts to develop coronavirus medicines apart from the vaccines which have already been deployed all over the world. 

Reuters also noted that the drug is a cocktail of two antibodies called AZD7442, and it was able to reduce the risk of severe covid 19 or death by 50% in non-hospitalized patients.

More than that, it’s also been revealed that AstraZeneca’s therapy, delivered via injection, is the first of its kind to show promise both as preventative medicine and as a treatment for covid 19 following multiple trials.

The drug aims people with weaker immunity 

This medication is designed to protect people who do not have a strong enough immune response to vaccines.

“These positive results show that a convenient intramuscular dose of AZD7442 could play an important role in helping combat this devastating pandemic.”

This is what Hugh Montgomery, the trial’s principal investigator, said in a statement.

The same online publication mentioned above notes that AstraZeneca is now submitting data from all kinds of studies to global health regulators, according to the latest reports coming from an important spokesperson.


“We’ll be continuing discussions with regulators around this new data,” she said of the trial results.

Also, check out what Mene Pangalos, executive vice president at AstraZeneca had to say:

“An early intervention with our antibody can give a significant reduction in progression to severe disease, with continued protection for more than six months.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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