Concerned Community On X Addresses The Neurological Side Effects Of COVID Vaccines – Lack Of Empathy, Anger, Agitation, Cognitive Issues

Concerned Community On X Addresses The Neurological Side Effects Of COVID Vaccines – Lack Of Empathy, Anger, Agitation, Cognitive Issues

The other day, I addressed a very important subject regarding COVID-19 crimes and euthanasia that has been practiced in hospitals and nursing homes. Journalist Jacqui Deevoy has been extremely vocal about the tragic events that took place, especially during the COVID pandemic, and I found her and her amazing documentary while deciding to address the issue myself once again. I suggest that you take a look at my previous article in which I detailed all the terrifying events that took place.

Noe, the amazing journalist addressed another important issue on her social media account on X – the neurological side effects of the COVID vaccines. Check out the concerning details below.

The neurological and behavioral effects of the COVID vaccine

Jacqui Deevoy shared the following post which became a thread of massive importance and, in my opinion, doctors should take a look and note the side effects that are being reported by people from all over the world.

Thousands of people commented and there is nothing less than a vast medical report about these effects.

Someone commented: “I was talking about this last night. I noticed aggression, hatred, and division by choice toward those of us who did not comply. Those of us who had the intuition or digital soldiers of research intuitively knew that it was wrong and would harm the delicate balance of our bodies and the injustice of body autonomy. It goes beyond disagreement but rather what feels like the forces of good and evil in a fight for the soul.”

A follower said: “Yes, but in myself, I’ve become a hermit as I no longer have energy or motivation to do anything, my home is a mess, I only go out when absolutely necessary, went to my usual podiatrist apartment last week and drove past the turn-off, making me late, just can’t concentrate as i used to … takes me much longer now to solve daily sudoku, can’t read a book, used to read at least one a week, the list is endless and it’s why I joined Twitter, just to have some sort of communication with other ppl … not into TV either.”

Someone else said: “I have noticed this in quite a few friends and family. They just aren’t the same, if I tell them something it’s like they don’t remember me ever telling them. A new lack of empathy in some and in one they have become angry and agitated, yelling all the time. It’s so sad.”

The following is an interesting post as well:

I strongly suggest that you check out the extraordinary complete thread especially if you have been vaccinated or if you noticed changes in the people you know. These are true medical reports and should be addressed as soon as possible by those authorized.

We have all seen the changes or, if we took the vaccine, felt them – this is the reason why the exact mechanisms in which the vaccines worked have to be analyzed in order to be able to reverse the damage.

I know that probably a lot of people are not the way they used to be anymore, but I strongly believe that this can be changed – this is the reason why my advice would be not to give up on them, but to continue fighting and searching for solutions.

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