Coloring Books Said to Lower Stress and Make You Feel at Peace

Coloring Books Said to Lower Stress and Make You Feel at Peace

Coloring, especially when paired with mindfulness activities, has been shown in recent studies to be an effective strategy to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and minimize feelings of burnout. When we consider the most effective methods to relieve stress, we imagine doing things like going for a run or sitting in quiet reflection. It’s fantastic that something as easy as coloring can make you feel so much better, especially considering how basic it is!

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Mindfulness Through Coloring

The intentional practice of paying attentive attention to what is occurring in this exact moment, without passing judgment on any thoughts, feelings, or distractions that may arise in that focus, is what is referred to as mindfulness. People who are seeking new ways to unwind in their spare time have found that coloring in adult coloring books has become a popular activity in recent years. The latest research has demonstrated that coloring, despite the fact that it is a relatively straightforward pastime, is an excellent means of lowering stress and enhancing well-being.

According to the findings of recent studies, coloring can be a practical approach to relax and improve one’s mood, especially when paired with mindfulness practices. This is likely due to the fact that mindfulness helps people remember to keep their attention on the here and now and to overcome stressful sensations and thoughts. Coloring may not be your thing, but research indicates that practicing mindfulness can be combined with a variety of other hobbies and still have positive effects on one’s well-being and mental health.

Additionally, select your materials with care. Having too many different colors may be distracting. Abstract coloring sheets can be more effective since they enable you to concentrate on the work at hand as opposed to picking logical colors for specific things, such as eyes or trees, which can be distracting.

Additional research findings

The researchers split the total number of participants, 72, into two groups. One of the groups was given a coloring page and instructions regarding how to engage in mindfulness while they were doing the activity. The findings are fascinating.

After coloring, participants in the group that had received training on mindfulness reported feeling less worried and more focused. The group that did not practice mindfulness did not report experiencing the same advantages. Coloring while practicing mindfulness has been shown to be an effective way to combat stress and reduce anxiety. However, there were some people who did not enjoy hearing instructions while they colored, which diminished the advantages of mindful coloring. That’s very remarkable.


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