Climate Craziness: ‘Experts” Now Say Rice Is “Bad” For The Environment

Climate Craziness: ‘Experts” Now Say Rice Is “Bad” For The Environment

The climate craziness continues. It’s been just revealed that there’s a new report saying that rice is bad for the environment. This is beyond crazy, as rice feeds about half of the planet’s people.

Rice is accused of destroying the planet 

“A recent report has revealed that rice accounts for approximately ten percent of all global emissions of methane, trapping around 80 times more heat than carbon dioxide. Experts have suggested that if nations around the world want to effectively address greenhouse gas emissions, they will need to take a serious look at rice,” Human Events notes.

AFP news reported that a tenth of the planet’s emissions has nothing to do with “belching cows or landfills,” but that rice is the culprit.

A 2014 study from climate scientists took aim at rice, a crop that happens to keep roughly half of the planet from starving. The claim is that the cultivation of rice is responsible for ten percent of global emissions, thus causing more heat in the atmosphere. Though this may be the case, rice remains a staple food for much of the planet. Climate scientists have yet to offer up an alternative that could realistically replace rice around the world.

The report also noted that “480 million metric tons of milled rice is produced annually,” which is not going to be easy to replace, according to the same reports. 

CNBC notes the following: 

“At the global level, the most evident impact of the global rice deficit has been, and still is, decade-high rice prices,” Fitch Solutions’ commodities analyst Charles Hart said.

Rice prices are expected to remain notched around current highs until 2024, stated a report by Fitch Solutions Country Risk & Industry Research dated April 4.

“Given that rice is the staple food commodity across multiple markets in Asia, prices are a major determinant of food price inflation and food security, particularly for the poorest households,” Hart said.

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