CERN Innovations: Particle Physics Research Fuels Amazing Medical Breakthroughs

CERN Innovations: Particle Physics Research Fuels Amazing Medical Breakthroughs

CERN has been in the spotlight a lot due to the latest discoveries that the experts have been making. Check out the latest mind-blowing news about what the scientists at the most important facility of this type are doing these days.

CERN massive breakthrough in therapy

Just in case you haven’t heard about the Hadron therapy, it’s time that you pay attention to the latest reports coming straight from CERN.

On X, the scientific facility has just posted amazing details about the hadron therapy, stating that an important expert is addressing his experience with this highly advanced radiotherapy technique.

Here is the relevant video below:

CERN has been in the spotlight a lot lately, especially following the latest discoveries that I’ve already addressed.

CERN addresses cancer treatments in new breakthrough

It looks like the particle accelerator is able to cure different types of cancer, according to their latest reports.

The official statement that has been shared on their own social media states that “The facility will deliver ultra-high doses of radiation from very-high-energy electrons (VHEE) in times of the order of milliseconds. The goal is to exploit the so-called FLASH effect, where very intense radiation doses administered very quickly appear to damage tumors while strongly minimizing harmful side-effects.”

According to their own data, this is a pioneering installation that “will be based on the high-gradient accelerator technology developed for the proposed Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) electron–positron collider.”

Considering the enormous problem that cancer represents in the world, this is a huge leap forward. We can only hope that experts will eventually be able to find ways to cure the most terrible disease of our time.

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