Candace Owens Pushes Dangerous “Cure” That Can Permanently Turn Skin Blue to Her Millions of Followers!

Candace Owens Pushes Dangerous “Cure” That Can Permanently Turn Skin Blue to Her Millions of Followers!

Candace Owens is one of the most notorious conservative and anti-vaxx personalities out there and she is at it again with another controversial take!

After previously denying the efficiency of vaccinations against the COVID-19 virus, she is now pushing a bogus cure to her 4 million Instagram followers as well.

Apparently, the conservative pundit swears to the miraculous effects of an ancient cure – colloidal silver – which she supposedly takes herself every day as a supplement.

With that being said, Owens took to her Instagram account to share a video in which she confidently states: “Yes, colloidal silver! I take colloidal silver every day, I love colloidal silver. That’s a great one. That’s another one that people probably know nothing about.”

In case you are intrigued and curious to try this cure yourself now after Candace’s enthusiastic post, don’t be!

According to the Mayo Clinic, colloidal silver is not only ineffective in staving off any illness but it’s also not safe at all!

They make it very clear that “Silver has no known purpose in the body. It’s not an essential mineral.”

Furthermore, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center also mentions the following side effects of taking colloidal silver: skin burns, seizures, near renal failure acute myeloid leukemia, and even death!

There is also a quite infamous side effect which, while not as serious as the previously mentioned ones, can be hard to ignore!

It is argyria, a condition that can turn your skin a bluish-gray hue – permanently!

Owens’ rant against vaccines as well as tetanus and HPV started not too long after she got called out by Meghan McCain for getting “owned by Trump.”

McCain was referring to the former president telling Owens that he actually believed in the validity of getting vaccinated against COVID-19, calling the results of it “very good” during an interview.

The conservative pundit told her followers that Trump’s opinion on this topic should be dismissed because of the generation he is part of, which did not have TV or the internet to help them do independent research!

Ironically enough, colloidal silver was something used for a long time to supposedly cure pretty much any illness before the advent of antibiotics back in 1928 when penicillin was first discovered by Alexander Fleming.

Maybe Stan Jones, a former libertarian candidate for Senate in Montana, literally turning blue after using colloidal silver repeatedly back in 1999 should have been a good enough argument against people like Candace Owens swearing to its positive effects but that was obviously not enough of a deterrent.

Perhaps more “independent research” should have been in order before spreading such dangerous misinformation to millions of people on social media?

Jones decided to take silver in order to heal infection and as a precaution against the shortage of antibiotics during Y2K.

As it turns out, Owens is not even the only one who swears by colloidal silver.

As per Daily Beast reports, Info Wars chief Alex Jones received a warning from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) when he started promoting colloidal silver products as a cure for COVID-19 on his official site.

He was selling products such as Super Silver Whitening Toothpaste,” “Superblue Silver Immune Gargle,” Superblue Fluoride-Free Toothpaste,” and “Super Silver Wound Dressing Gel.”

Another name linked to colloidal silver is televangelist Jim Bakker since he also peddled the “cure” as effective against COVID-19, getting sued by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office because of it.

The Washington Post reported that Bakker advertised colloidal silver products for prices up to $125.

He also invited “naturopathic doctor” Sherril Sellman on his show in order to talk about the alleged anti-COVID properties of colloidal silver.

The latter did admit that the products they discussed had not been tested against the pandemic-causing virus.

Instead, she argued that it had been tested on other coronavirus strains and that it was able to get rid of them in less than 12 hours.

“Totally eliminate it, kills it. Deactivates it,” she stated before adding that the government itself had already “proven” the product “has the ability to kill every pathogen it has ever been tested on, including SARS and HIV.”

Getting back to Candace Owens, Willliam LeGate mentioned on Twitter that she even gave one particular fan who asked, specific instructions on how to take the ancient supplement.

More precisely, she shared her own silver consuming daily routine, telling the Instagram commenter that she takes one teaspoon per day and “more when [she’s] sick.”


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