Can Your Personality Affect Your Health?

Can Your Personality Affect Your Health?

Research has shown that genetics, lifestyle habits and personality types can impact health. An individual’s personality influences their behaviors and habits. Both of these affect a huge portion of health. Poor lifestyle behaviors and habits such as high alcohol consumption can lead to liver cirrhosis.

The way one deals with stressful situations, the level of physical activeness, how one socializes determine their personality and affect their health. A new personality has come to light; INFP A meaning introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving.

But knowing the ways that your personality type can affect your health is essential, especially if you want to maximize your potential. So, keep reading.

Type A or Type B

Type A people are driven, diligent and goal-oriented. This go-getting streak can promote individual and professional success, but it may also lead to stress or social isolation.

As a result, such people are more prone to heart diseases. Such people are competitive, tense, aggressive and can be impatient. Such people need to understand what they cannot change. They should also try to cope with and manage stress. Stress-management practices aid you to deal with day to day stress. You can learn how to manage anger and let go.

Type B individuals are more laid back. They enjoy doing things for pleasure rather than a desire to achieve. They are better at dealing with stress and anxiety. Overall, they have better heart health. However, they are less proactive when approaching work or health.

Optimistic and Pessimistic

Optimists individuals are the “glass is half full” people. They tend to look on the brighter side. These people are still hopeful despite the presence of failures. They focus on the achievements, however small. Such individuals can deal with diseases by hoping in challenging situations. They have lower blood pressure and have a lower risk of heart diseases. They have longer life spans.

Pessimists usually blame themselves or others for negative results in their lives. They are not hopeful and think things will get worse and last forever. They are at a higher risk of getting high blood pressure and are prone to heart failure. They usually don’t live very long.

Introverts and Extroverts

Social support is a determinant in developing a healthy lifestyle. Introverts are naturally quiet and reserved. They may be reluctant to seek help even when they need it. Extroverts, on the other hand, are more outgoing and social.

Research has highlighted that they have better immune systems. Their bodies are more risk-averse to infection. They are more willing to seek medical help, which results in good health. Good social support is a suitable way to reduce possible health risks.


Personality types influence behavior and lifestyle habits. Understanding your personality is an effective way to assist you in determining what lifestyle choices and alterations you need to emphasize. Knowing the possible hazards you might encounter can guide you in choosing paths that reduce the potential dangers.

Final Words

Studies show the link between personality and health. Personality types also influence the quality of life and longevity in general. You can find many doctors, treatments such as psychotherapy and self-care techniques that help you.

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