Bill Gates Acknowledges That Covid Vaccines Do Not Work

Bill Gates Acknowledges That Covid Vaccines Do Not Work

It looks like Bill Gates himself is acknowledging the fact that the covid vaccines do not work. Just take a look at the following video that we found on Twitter and find out what’s Gates’ latest health advice for fighting covid.

Well, here’s a potential solution that he might be pushing:

The covid pandemic saga

The covid pandemic saga continues, and the discoveries I’m making on a daily basis via Twitter and getting more and more disturbing. It seems that all that has been called a few years ago a “conspiracy theory” ends up being the plain truth. 

The information is already out in the open; you just have to know where to look for it. Elon Musk allowed the banned important voices from the medical industry to speak, and hell has been unleashed upon those who did this to the world. Just take a look at all the new reports demonstrating the fact that authorities knew from the very beginning what’s been happening. 

Make sure to check out our previous article in order to learn more details about what is really going on. 

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