British Spy Chief: Covid Virus Was Engineered To Depopulate the Planet

British Spy Chief: Covid Virus Was Engineered To Depopulate the Planet

There are claims from the former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Sir Richard Dearlove, that the Covid virus was engineered by scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) with the intention of depopulating the planet. According to Dearlove, there is evidence that the virus was designed to spread rapidly around the world and was deliberately leaked from the lab. The analysis of Covid suggests that it had been modified by virologists to be highly infectious among humans.

“All right, put it like this…” Dearlove explains.

“It’s a natural virus that’s been, as it were, mucked around with and the characteristics of things like the spike protein, which make it so highly infectious, also point in the direction of it being somewhat tailored,” he said.

Criticizing CCP

According to, Dearlove criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for concealing important data. He believes that any evidence related to the origin of the virus from the Wuhan lab has already been destroyed by the communist regime in China. The former spy chief severely criticized the recent investigation conducted by the World Health Organization, which is linked to the CCP, as being ridiculous.

“I think there’s a balance of probability,” Dearlove asserts.

“Obviously, if it cannot be proven, and I don’t think it can because the evidence that could have proved it one way or another has been destroyed, because of the extent of the Chinese cleanup.”

While unlikely, he concedes that “it’s possible” the virus jumped to humans from nature.

Origins of the covid virus

However, the former intelligence chief argues that “it’s far more likely, if you’re a scientist, that it was put together.”

“I think the onus is on the Chinese to prove that it’s zoonotic because the evidence strongly suggests to me and a number of eminent scientists that the greater probability is that it’s a lab escapee,” he adds.

In an interview with LBC’s Tom Swarbrick, Dearlove shared that he believes the truth about Covid’s origin will soon come to light.

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He anticipates that upcoming books will provide further evidence supporting the possibility of the virus originating in a lab. In the United States, the theory of a lab leak was initially dismissed by scientific and government authorities. However, some agencies have recently endorsed this theory. FBI Director Christopher Wray stated in March that the agency has long believed that a lab incident is the most likely origin of the pandemic. Additionally, in February, the Department of Energy updated its assessment from “undecided” to “low confidence” in the theory of a lab leak being the origin.

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