Bret Weinstein Confirms Depopulation Agenda: “They Have No Use for Us”

Bret Weinstein Confirms Depopulation Agenda: “They Have No Use for Us”

It seems that Bret Weinstein has just confirmed the depopulation agenda. Check out the latest video that has been shared by Alex Jones in order to see more details about this.

Depopulation agenda confirmed

Here’s the post that has been shared on the social media X:

“Bret Weinstein Confirms Depopulation Agenda: “They Have No Use for Us”

“Whatever is driving doesn’t care that it is going to kill people who have long lives of potentially important contributions to make,” Weinstein told Alex Jones.

Just look at what happened during COVID:

#1 – Early treatment was smeared and suppressed. Doctors faced severe punishment for prescribing/promoting HCQ and ivermectin.

#2 – “There was never an argument that made any sense for delivering those shots to healthy young people.”

#3 – Shots quickly extended to pregnant women, young children, and babies, the last people you would want to inject without knowing the long-term consequences.

#4 – Once we discovered the shots did not control disease, the argument for injecting young people went away, but authorities continued pushing them anyway.

#5 – The media and authorities cared so much about “saving lives” during COVID-19. But now that COVID is behind us and excess deaths remain high, no one in authority cares to investigate what’s causing it.

#6 – “To this day, Harvard apparently just reinitiated their policy of requiring those shots for their own students.”

Someone commented: “We are definitely overpopulated. But not just that, we are overpopulated with the wrong type of people. Luckily, with the advancements in automation and gene editing, we could have a more productive, healthier, smarter, compliant, and streamlined population. Exciting times.”

Another person stated the following: “I believe all presidents and leaders provoke war and use it to depopulate, and the enemy is in on it. Take Russia, why haven’t they pulverized Ukraine yet. I believe they could have already if they really wanted to end it quickly. Follow the money.”

Regarding COVID, I have been addressing multiple subjects about it for a really long time now.

The other day, I wrote that an important name in the medical field is addressing the so-called shedding phenomenon related to the COVID vaccines.

COVID vaccine shedding

In a video that has been recently posted on X, the expert said, “It’s not just unvaccinated who are at risk.”

“Everybody thinks shedding — it’s only the unvaccinated who are screaming, right? … That’s not true. I have vaccine-injured patients who are sensitive to being exposed to other vaccinated [people].”

“I think shedding is very common.”

I suggest that you check out my previous article in order to learn more details. Stay tuned for more details about important medical matters.

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