Breaking Study: Most Long Covid Patients Were Vaccinated

Breaking Study: Most Long Covid Patients Were Vaccinated

According to a brand new study, it looks like most of the long COVID patients were found to be vaccinated. Check out the latest interesting reports about this below.

Long COVID patients were vaccinated

A recent study found that the majority of patients with long COVID were vaccinated despite the availability of vaccines and antiviral treatments.

In a recent observational study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, researchers conducted interviews with 390 individuals in Thailand who had contracted COVID-19 during the “fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic,” when the Omicron variant was prevalent.

These patients were tracked via phone for a year, starting three months after their diagnosis, to monitor their physical well-being, mental health, sleep disturbances, and quality of life.
According to a study, out of 390 individuals who contracted COVID-19, 97 percent or 377 of them were vaccinated, 98 percent or 383 of them underwent antiviral treatment, and 78 percent or 330 of them developed long COVID syndrome. The most frequently reported symptoms were cough and fatigue.

Other symptoms that were reported included anxiety, depression, and poor sleep quality.

The study found that individuals who were under 60 years old and had cough as an initial symptom were more likely to develop the long COVID syndrome. In a group of individuals who experienced long COVID, researchers discovered a significant correlation among females with headaches, dizziness, and brain fog.

“Despite the extensive distribution of vaccines and antiviral therapies, the prevalence of long COVID remains high,” the authors of the paper wrote. Check out the original article in order to learn more details about this.

The COVID vaccine side effects are slowly but surely beginning to be addressed by the mainstream media after all these years. Check out the latest reports coming from The Telegraph.

The Telegraph addresses the need for an investigation

A group of MPs from all political parties has expressed concerns over the UK’s medical regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), for allegedly being aware of heart and clotting issues linked to Covid vaccines as early as February 2021 but failing to promptly inform the public about such problems for several months.

The MHRA is responsible for approving drugs and devices and monitoring the side effects of treatments. The MPs are calling for an investigation into the MHRA’s handling of vaccine side effects.

But the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on pandemic response and recovery, an influential group of MPs, has raised “serious patient safety concerns”.

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