Breaking: Cell Phone Video of DC Officer on J6 Saying “We Go Undercover as Antifa”

Breaking: Cell Phone Video of DC Officer on J6 Saying “We Go Undercover as Antifa”

It has been just revealed that there is a video showing a phone video of a DC officer on J6 saying that they are going undercover as ANTIFA. Check out the latest reports below.

Here is the relevant tweet that shows the DC officer on video:

The person who shared the video also posted this message:

“Cell phone video of DC officer on J6 saying “we go undercover as Antifa in the crowd” They’re ADMITTING it How many cops & federal agents were undercover that day? How many instigated violence & property destruction? Release the J6 tapes!”

A long-time reader of CTH, Regitiger, has taken a close look at the entire process, analyzing both the granular timeline and the larger constitutional and parliamentary process.

Their analysis suggests that the federal government had the motive to create a J6 crisis that would allow House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call an emergency session and avoid challenges to the 2020 election certification.

The challenges on the congressional floor that were expected on January 6, 2021, could have provided a legal and constitutional basis for legal challenges that would have eventually gone to the Supreme Court. However, the certification during an “emergency session” resolved the issue for Washington DC.

We suggest that you check out The Conservative Tree House’s article in order to learn more details about what the author reveals regarding J6.

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