Breaking BBC News: Reports About mRNA Vaccines And Side Effects Penetrate MSM

Breaking BBC News: Reports About mRNA Vaccines And Side Effects Penetrate MSM

It seems that the covid vaccines and their side effects are penetrating the MSM even further. Check out he latest reports revealed by BBC.

Here’s the tweet that shows breaking news on BBC about the covid vaccines and their harmful effects:

Covid vaccines in the news

About three years have passed, and the entire world has been subjected to lies, misinformation, corruption, and death. It is time for accountability.

As the prestigious lawyer who is fighting these companies, Tom Renz, notes, the federal bureaucracy is corrupt beyond words, and the politicians are worse.

He just stated that any legitimate scientist – that is not bought off – can see what has happened, and any with ethics has been speaking out.

“Only the most corrupt or lazy members of the scientific community are still promoting the COVID narrative, and particularly, the vaccines,” he said. You can check out his latest piece, in which he promises the world will see justice once and for all. 

For a while now, Elon Musk has continued to drop the #Twitter files, which reveal the disgusting hidden circus that has been going on since the beginning of this pandemic. Now, there are some videos leaked on Twitter that show Pfizer employees talking about the side effects and low efficiency of their vaccine. Check out the latest reports below.

Here is more disturbing information:

Check out our previous article in order to learn more details. 

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