Breaking Article By Newsweek: “How Fauci Fooled America”

Breaking Article By Newsweek: “How Fauci Fooled America”

Newsweek posted an interesting article called “How Fauci Fooled America,” and we’ll address it below. Check out some of the most important highlights that you can find in it.

“When the pandemic hit, America needed someone to turn to for advice. The media and public naturally looked to Dr. Anthony Fauci—the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, an esteemed laboratory immunologist and one of President Donald Trump’s chosen COVID advisers. Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci got major epidemiology and public health questions wrong. Reality and scientific studies have now caught up with him,” – this is how the article begins.

The article addresses natural immunity, protecting the elderly, school closures, masks, and more important issues that have been used wrongly during the pandemic.

The same article continues and notes the following: “The evidence is in. Governors, journalists, scientists, university presidents, hospital administrators and business leaders can continue to follow Dr. Anthony Fauci or open their eyes. After 700,000-plus COVID deaths and the devastating effects of lockdowns, it is time to return to basic principles of public health.”

We suggest that you check out the complete article in order to learn more details about all this. 

Breaking news from the UK

The Telegraph and the whole mainstream media, including BBC, CNN, The Guardian, and more, have just disclosed WhatsApp messages between the former health secretary Matt Hancock and the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case.

For instance, BBC notes the following:

“It appears the former health secretary discussed when to reveal the existence of the Kent variant of Covid to ensure people complied with lockdown rules. In another exchange, the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case, suggested the “fear/guilt factor” was vital to the government’s messaging.”

It’s been just revealed that more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages were leaked to the Telegraph by the journalist Isabel Oakeshott, who has been a vocal critic of lockdowns.

The former health secretary has repeatedly criticized the leaks, referring to the published messages as a “partial, biased account to suit an anti-lockdown agenda.”

“In an exchange between Mr Hancock and an aide from 13th December 2020 – five days before the government scrapped plans to relax rules for many over Christmas – the former health secretary discusses when to “deploy” the announcement of the new variant.”

Covid vaccines in the news

It looks like the FDA and Pfizer knew about the devastating effects that their injections have on the people, yet they kept injecting them. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Pfizer and the FDA news about the side effects of the vaccines

Here’s the relevant tweet that sheds light on the matter:

Here’s what the original article states:

The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project Post-Marketing Group (Team 1) – Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt – produced an alarming review of the neurological System Organ Class (SOC) adverse events found in Pfizer document 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-FEB-2021 (a.k.a., “5.3.6“). This SOC includes altered function of the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves.

It is important to note that the adverse events (AEs) in the 5.3.6 document were reported to Pfizer for only a 90-day period starting on December 1, 2020, the date of the United Kingdom’s public rollout of Pfizer’s COVID-19 experimental mRNA “vaccine” product.


On the governmental website National Library of Medicine there’s a new article that should trigger the alarm for everyone. It’s called: “The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health. Further proof with COVID-19.”

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