Biden’s Major New Initiative For Covid Antivirals

Biden’s Major New Initiative For Covid Antivirals

It’s been just revealed that there is an important Biden administration initiative that could facilitate access to covid 19 antivirals – this will have a limited impact and it will also fail to mitigate certain health inequities, major pharmacist groups argue.

This is because pharmacists are restricted from prescribing the pills.

Test to treat program 

Announced in Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, the “Test to Treat” program is aiming to address the maddening difficulty Americans have had in accessing Covid-19 treatments.

The Guardian notes the fact that the administration will channel newly increasing stocks of antiviral pills to major retail pharmacies that have in-house clinics. This would be providing one-stop testing and antivirals access.

It’s been also revealed that the program, which the administration aims to provide for free (in the face of fierce Republican opposition to new Covid-19 spending), is also slated to roll out in Veterans Affairs clinics, community health centers, and long-term care facilities.

New letter for pharmacists 

The same important online publication notes that there is a 9 March letter to Biden calling for pharmacists to be granted authority to prescribe these pills.

In this specific letter, 14 organizations representing pharmacies and pharmacists insisted Test to Treat’s impact will be compromised by the fact that such in-house clinics are relatively limited in number and largely in urban areas.

“Unfortunately, rural and underserved communities are less likely to benefit from your test to treat approach because of this limitation.”

This is what the letter states. Check out more available notes from the letter and more in the original article. 

Pfizer and covid in the news

It’s been revealed that the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla said that there’s a need for the fourth dose of covid vaccine. 

Pfizer continues to make headlines all over the place, and the reason is pretty simple – the covid vaccine. While most of the world is thinking about getting the third vaccine dose – the booster – it seems that more of them are on their way soon. Check out the latest reports that have been revealed by CNN about the covid boosters from Pfizer.

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