Aya Velázquez’s Shattering Documentary “The Secret Files of the Corona Expert Council” Is Out – Terrifying Protocols Killing Human Rights

Aya Velázquez’s Shattering Documentary “The Secret Files of the Corona Expert Council” Is Out –  Terrifying Protocols Killing Human Rights

More truths are slowing surfacing about the protocols all over the world that the medical industry has used during the COVID pandemic. In this article, we’ll discuss an Earth-shattering documentary that has been just released by Aya Velázquez. It brings up the decisions that were made by the so-called Corona Expert Council.

A lot of effort was put into this work, and it must be highlighted because its importance is crucial for humanity. It adds enormous value to the fight for truth and justice.

“The Secret Files of the Corona Expert Council”

During the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, from 2020 to 2022, the national policies of most countries were brought into global harmony.

Although the overall approach was quite similar across the globe, some countries implemented strict measures to combat the spread of the virus more than others.

Germany is a notable example of this. While other countries had already lifted restrictions and celebrated their “Freedom Day”, in Germany, politicians interpreted the Omicron variant as a grave threat and pushed for mandatory vaccinations for all citizens.

However, this effort ultimately failed in April 2022 when it was put to a vote in the Bundestag, the German parliament.

During the winter of 2021/2022, individuals who were not vaccinated in Germany were not allowed to participate in social activities beyond visiting the supermarket, town hall, and doctor’s office.

The media constantly harassed and bullied these unvaccinated individuals. Despite this, politicians, public figures, and political advisors in Germany who were involved in this social exclusion of unvaccinated people are unwilling to discuss or come to terms with the situation.

The “Die Welle” experiment in Germany was politically supported by the “Corona Expert Council,” which was made up of individuals chosen by politicians to provide scientific justification for restricting fundamental rights.

A few weeks ago, an impressive documentary was released in Germany that addressed the German Corona Expert Council and its measures regime.

Velázquez translated the film into English since she believed that Germany should serve as an example to be avoided.

While Sweden, for example, chose a path of proportionality and reason, Germany chose a path of escalation.

This path led to a crackdown on citizens’ basic rights and an irreversible division of society.

The documentary focuses on the protocols of the Expert Council, which were obtained via FOIA by the physician Christian Haffner, and partially redacted by the German Federal Chancellery. The legal battle for transparency regarding these documents is still ongoing.

YouTube video

Part 1 of the documentary focuses on the questionable role of German “corona experts”. The video addresses the concerns about the restrictions being imposed on fundamental rights, such as anti-democratic measures like 2G (vaccinated or cured only) or 3G (vaccinated, cured or tested only), strict contact restrictions for unvaccinated people, compulsory vaccination in institutions, compulsory masks and tests for children at school, bans on demonstrations and professions during the winter of 2021/22 in Germany. It also covers the long-term effects of these measures, including massive vaccination damage, above-average sick leave, and statistically significant excess mortality.

Part 2 – “Epilogue – How did we even get there?” – is a “zoom out of the Expert Council case into the bigger picture: a chronological journey through the years 2016-2023, with a focus on Germany, embedded in the international course of the events,” Velázquez notes.

The documentary is very well made, clear, concise, broad, intelligent, well narrated to boot, and easy to watch till the end.

I’ve been writing about the other crimes that took place during the pandemic in the UK, and for the subject, please check out my other articles. These are the Midazolam files that are shaking the Internet.

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