Authorities Release News About Covid Vaccine During Pregnancy

Authorities Release News About Covid Vaccine During Pregnancy

The covid vaccines remain in the spotlight these days as the end of 2021 is getting nearer. As you know by now, we are in the middle of the fourth covid wave.

It’s been just reported by the Gov.UK that the vaccines available in the UK have been shown to be effective and to have a good safety profile.

The same article posted by the authorities revealed that these vaccines do not contain live coronavirus and cannot infect a pregnant woman or her unborn baby in the womb.

Covid vaccination in pregnancy

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has advised that pregnant women should be offered the vaccines at the same time as people of the same age or risk group.

It’s been also revealed that in the USA, around 90,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated mainly with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and no safety concerns have been identified.


The same article revealed the following info:

“Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the preferred vaccines for pregnant women of any age who are coming for their first dose.”

It’s been also revealed that pregnant women should get their first dose as quickly as possible.

“Although the overall risk from COVID-19 disease in pregnant women and their new babies is low, in later pregnancy some women may become seriously unwell and need hospital treatment. This is why it is important that pregnant women have their vaccination as soon as they are invited.”

The same website also revealed some important issues about risk factors for pregnant women.

Risk factors for pregnant women

If you have underlying medical conditions such as:

immune problems
high blood pressure
heart disease
Or if you are:

over the age 35
in your third trimester of pregnancy (over 28 weeks)
of black and Asian minority ethnic background

We suggest that you check out the original notes in order to learn all the available details. 

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