AstraZeneca Aims for Receiving Authorization for Using an Anti-COVID Drug

AstraZeneca Aims for Receiving Authorization for Using an Anti-COVID Drug

Things seem to be heating up pretty much when it comes to the COVID pandemic, and not in a beneficial way for the population. AstraZeneca is the British-Swedish company best-known for developing the anti-COVID vaccine that was widely used across the world.

According to Reuters, AstraZeneca has a new treatment for preventing COVID for certain people, and the company is now seeking approval from US regulators. We can’t wait for new info to arise on the matter! The drug is destined for those who don’t respond well to the vaccines because of their weakened immune systems.

Can AZD7442  solve everything?

AstraZeneca has good things to say about its drug, according to the company’s website:

Positive high-level results from the PROVENT Phase III pre-exposure prophylaxis trial showed AstraZeneca’s AZD7442 achieved a statistically significant reduction in the incidence of symptomatic COVID-19, the trial’s primary endpoint.

AZD7442, a combination of two long-acting antibodies (LAAB), reduced the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 by 77% (95% confidence interval (CI): 46, 90), compared to placebo. The trial accrued 25 cases of symptomatic COVID-19 at the primary analysis.

A person who worked at AstraZeneca’s vaccine for COVID brought some great news in late September. Dame Sarah Gilbert said that the coronavirus would soon become a common cold. However, if we take a look at some stats of the ongoing pandemic brought by, things look pretty far from what Sarah Gilbert hopes for, at least for now. More than 5,000 people died worldwide because of COVID yesterday, October 4, according to the source.

The ongoing pandemic never seems to end, although it’s our duty to try being optimistic. The world still has to struggle with the Delta variant that is spreading significantly faster than the others.

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