Anthony Fauci Aims to Make Vaccines for Preventing a New Pandemic

Anthony Fauci Aims to Make Vaccines for Preventing a New Pandemic

We all know how many terrible situations the COVID pandemic has caused. Unfortunately, the end doesn’t seem too near. Hostpitalizations, deaths, job losses, lockdowns, social anxiety, depression, you name it. The coronavirus made them possible.

But even so, the ongoing pandemic will most probably go away sooner or later. The big problem is what shall come afterwards.

A new pandemic could emerge after the COVID era. It can turn out to be even more terrifying than the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Furthermore, new dangerous mutations could emerge.

Will the world be prepared?

Anthony Fauci has a promising idea for fighting 20 families of viruses

The New York Times reveals that Dr. Anthony Fauci promotes the ambitious plan of preparing for a new pandemic by implementing new vaccines. It wouldn’t be easy, indeed, as Fauci reveals.

Fauci’s plan would need five years for the first crop of results to arrive. A few billion dollars a year would also be necessary.

Credit:, Helena Jankovičová Kováčová
Credit:, Helena Jankovičová Kováčová

Twenty families of viruses that have the potential of triggering a new pandemic would be targeted by scientists. They would create “prototype” vaccines for protecting against these viruses.

Plenty of research tools had proven successful in the case of COVID. Scientists could use them again to understand the molecular structure of each virus and how to tackle it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci declared, as quoted by The New York Times:

If we get the funding, which I believe we will, it likely will start in 2022.

The infectious disease expert added that he has been promoting the plan “in discussions with the White House and others.”

Anthony Fauci is known as one of the most renowned official voices when it comes to the dangers of the COVID pandemic.

An epidemiologist from the World Health Organization (WHO) recently brought a terrifying claim. He warns that humanity is getting “further away” from the ongoing pandemic’s end. Let’s just hope that he’s wrong.


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