Another “Conspiracy Theory” Is Validated – Pfizer Employees Got A “Special Batch”

Another “Conspiracy Theory” Is Validated – Pfizer Employees Got A “Special Batch”

It has been just revealed that Pfizer employees got a special batch of the vaccine. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Here is the relevant tweet that sheds light on the matter with a video:

More details on covid vaccines

It has been just revealed that Senator Gerard Rennick is making a shocking admission on covid vaccines on camera. Check out the latest reports below.

Here is the relevant video that we found on Twitter:

Get rid of the spike protein

Speaking about the covid and the vaccines, we should also bring up something important about the spike protein as well.

In a recent observation, Dr. P. McCullough noted the impact of the spike protein, citing cases of cardiac arrests, major blood clots, and declining health. To alleviate these issues, he suggested taking three supplements that can reduce inflammation and break down spike proteins.

These supplements are available over the counter, including Nattokinase (2000 units, twice a day), Bromelain (500 milligrams, once a day), and Curcumin (500 milligrams, twice a day).

Dr. McCullough emphasized the complementary benefits of Nattokinase and Bromelain, which together help accelerate the elimination of the spike protein. Curcumin further reduces inflammation and spike protein damage. It is highly recommended that individuals take these supplements to address these health concerns. For more information, please refer to our previous article.

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One thought on “Another “Conspiracy Theory” Is Validated – Pfizer Employees Got A “Special Batch”

  1. What a great website. Glad to have received this forwarded article:))

    Dr. McCullough is great on Spike Proteins. Glad he got there. But – he is totally missing much more scary “Hydrogel Conspiracy.” What we need to dissolve and remove, is the residues of self-assembling hydrogels that were used to encapsulate the mRNA and build the nano-tech contained in the C19 bioweapon injection.

    Only EDTA Chelation has been shown to remove the hydrogel filament structures. Humic acid, Nattinokinase, and others have also helped… but we are a long way from declaring Spike Proteins to be the main issue with these shots.

    Watch the documentary “Died Suddenly” on for visuals on what the hydrogel is forming in the arteries and veins and hearts. For the patents behind all of this – watch Karen Kingston in the follow on documentary “Final Day.”

    And the entire hydrogel connection has been proven over and over through the work of Karen Kingston, Sasha Latypova, Katherine Watts, Dr. Ana Mihalcae and the 26 teams she is connected to around the world who are dissecting these injections.

    The realization that the US Dept of Defense is behind this global democide – began with the court discovery process for Brooke Jackson’s multi-trillion dollar whistleblower lawsuit being heard by Judge Michael Truncale in Texas. This discovery process revealed that the US Dept of Defense / Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) actually provided the lethal formulation for the C19 bioweapon to the Big Pharma corporations through the US HHS sub-agencies (CDC, FDA, etc.). Pfizer’s entire defense in this lawsuit was that it was not contractually required by the US DOD, to perform clinical trials or use best manufacturiing process. The judge had to dismiss the suit on those grounds when the actual DOD contract with Pfizer was produced and proved that the DOD knew it was ,making a deadly product and didn’t care if it was made well or safe.

    Hydrogel is a substance created in DARPA’s “tissue engineering” research to develop a safe covering ‘skin’ for burn patients in war zones. This research goes back 15+ years, and hydrogel is considered one of the leading products for combining humans with nano- and other mechanical tech.

    Hydrogel goes airborne and can be found in greater and greater amounts in the UN-injected as the months go by. The C19 bioweapons are contagious and forming all sorts of nano-electrical tech inside ALL of our bodies.


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