Amidst An 84% Vaccination Rate, Dutch Reintroduce Restrictions And Broaden The Use Of Green Covid Pass

Amidst An 84% Vaccination Rate, Dutch Reintroduce Restrictions And Broaden The Use Of Green Covid Pass

Reuters, the popular press agency, notes that the Dutch government decided to re-impose restrictions in the country, including the wearing of face masks. These measures are aimed at slowing the latest spike in covid-19 infections, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said.

The same press agency reported that the use of a “corona pass,” which shows proof of a covid vaccination or recent negative coronavirus test, would be broadened as of Nov. 6 to public places. These reportedly include museums, gyms, and outdoor terraces, Rutte said.

New measures are coming 

According to the latest reports coming from the same press agency, in a televised news conference, Rutte called on all Dutch, vaccinated and unvaccinated, to stick to basic hygiene rules and to stay at home if they had symptoms of a possible infection.

“Our own behaviour is crucial, a very large part of our coronavirus policy depends on it.”

This is what the prime minister said.

It’s been also revealed that face masks will be reintroduced in stores and other public places – on the other hand, people are advised to work at home for at least half of the time.


According to the latest reports, the government next week could decide to broaden the use of the corona pass to the workplace, Rutte said.

RTE reveals the following quote:

“It’s possible that the use of the QR codes will be expanded and applied to other economic sectors,” TASS news agency quoted Mikhail Vedernikov, governor of the Pskov region, as saying.

The unexpected fact is that all of this is happening while 84% of the population is vaccinated in the country. 

Here are the details that Reuters notes:

“Dutch health authorities on Tuesday recommended COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for older adults. Around 84% of the Dutch adult population has been vaccinated.”

Stay tuned for more corona-related news, and make sure to stay safe. 


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