Alcohol-Induced Death the Highest in More Than A Decade

Alcohol-Induced Death the Highest in More Than A Decade

It has been just revealed that the number of deaths induced by alcohol consumption is now the highest that it has been in over a decade. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Alcohol-induced death is extremely high

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released a report on September 27, which revealed a staggering 9.1 percent surge in alcohol-induced deaths in 2022.

This is the highest percentage increase observed in over a decade, and the report titled “Causes of Death Australia” states that 1,742 people (1,245 males and 497 females) lost their lives due to alcohol in 2022, which is 164 more than the previous year.

The most significant increase in alcohol-induced deaths was in females aged between 45-64 years, with 55 more deaths, and males aged between 65-84 years, with 47 more deaths.

These figures highlight the urgent need for immediate action to curb the rising alcohol-induced death rate in Australia.

According to ABS, deaths caused by alcohol are those that were directly attributed to alcohol use, including acute conditions like alcohol poisoning or chronic conditions like alcoholic liver disease. The latter is the leading cause of the rate increase.

The CEO of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Dr. Erin Lalor, said that the increase is “largely preventable”. She emphasized the need for evidence-based prevention, harm reduction, and treatment services.

Dr. Lalor also called for more robust alcohol availability and promotion regulations as they lead to higher-risk drinking. She believes that directing people to the best services for their circumstances could shift attitudes and behaviors towards alcohol and encourage early behavior change.

“We know that men experience a significant proportion of alcohol harm, and this data shows the importance of targeted interventions with vulnerable populations, including people with long-term alcohol use problems,” she said.

“We can’t afford to delay action further to reduce these unacceptable numbers, which have been increasing since 2018.”

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