Alcohol Can Decrease Brain Size; Even A Daily Glass Of Beer And Wine Affects Brain Health

Alcohol Can Decrease Brain Size; Even A Daily Glass Of Beer And Wine Affects Brain Health

It seems that alcohol can damage the brain even when taken in smaller doses. Check out the effects that a glass of wine and beer can produce on a daily basis. 

Effects of alcohol on the brain

According to, even just a little alcohol is unhealthy for your brain.

Here is what the journalist Bob Curley reported:

“Heavy alcohol use has long been associated with changes in the brain. However, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have found that even light to moderate drinking — as little as a glass of beer or wine daily — is associated with reduced brain size and structure. Such changes could be warning signs of cognitive impairment, the researchers warned.”

Curley made sure to explain the fact that the researchers’ reportTrusted Source, based on an analysis of data about drinking and brain health among more than 36,000 people, likened the changes in brain volume among drinkers to aging.

For example, Curley explained, “a 50-year-old who on average drinks a pint of beer or a glass of wine once a day effectively ages their brain by two years, according to findings published in the journal Nature Communications. And those who consume an average of 4 drinks daily had brains that were 10 years ‘older’ than those who did not drink.”


“The fact that we have such a large sample size allows us to find subtle patterns, even between drinking the equivalent of half a beer and one beer a day,” said Gideon Nave, a corresponding author on the study and faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Check out the complete article in order to learn more details about this delicate subject. 

Despite repeated warnings from medical experts about the connection between alcohol consumption and cancer, many people nevertheless do so. Now, a new study conducted by the National Cancer Institute reveals that people aren’t deliberately ignoring the risks associated with alcohol consumption; rather, they just don’t know about them.

According to the study, alcohol was a factor in the yearly occurrence of over 75,000 new cancer cases and approximately 19,000 cancer-related fatalities from 2013 to 2016. Ethanol (which is found in most alcoholic beverages) increases the incidence of seven distinct cancers.

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