Affordable Tips To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Affordable Tips To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Running on a tight budget? It’s easy to get into the habit of ordering takeout for every meal. While this might be a convenient way to save time and money, it’s not exactly healthy. Trying to eat healthy when you’re on a tight budget can feel like an impossible feat. But if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, it’s possible to eat nutritionally balanced meals every day without spending much money.

A low budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on health. These affordable diets and nutrition hacks will help you eat healthy without having to empty your wallet. Here are some tips for eating well on a budget: 

Pick Your Own Products

This tip is simple: When buying produce, go straight to the source! Farmers markets have great prices because they sell directly to the consumer, cutting out the middleman. Plus, farmers are often happy to negotiate prices with you and even give you a discount if you’re buying in bulk.

Just say “no” to soda!

Sodas are packed with calories but offer no nutritional value at all. More than that, you can end up spending too much money for fizzy drinks. Instead, opt for plain tap water or unsweetened iced tea. For a treat, try sparkling water flavored with fresh or frozen fruit.

Make at home instead of buying it

A sandwich from your favorite deli might be tasty, but it’s also likely to be full of sodium and high-calorie fillers. Save money by making your own sandwiches with lean meat, veggies and whole-grain breads — or better yet, use lettuce wraps instead!

Plan your meals in advance.

It may seem like a lot of work up front, but planning your meals in advance will help you avoid spending extra money on impulse purchases at the grocery store. You’ll also be less tempted to buy unhealthy fast food or junk food when you’re hungry if there’s already healthy food in your fridge. Instead of planning every meal for the whole week ahead of time, focus on daily meal planning — write out a menu for each day and check it twice to make sure you have everything you need.


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