Acetaminophen Effects On Heart Addressed By Experts

Acetaminophen Effects On Heart Addressed By Experts

Recently, experts addressed the effects that acetaminophen has on the heart, and it’s worse than you might expect. Check out the following details below.

Acetaminophen effects on heart

A recent study reveals that acetaminophen, a commonly used pain reliever, may cause unhealthy changes in heart tissue, even when taken at standard adult dosages that have long been considered safe. This adds to the growing concerns over the medication’s potential side effects.

The study, which will be presented at the American Physiology Summit in Long Beach, California from April 4 to 7, suggests that even moderate doses of acetaminophen can pose potential risks over time.

In a study, mice were used as subjects to test the effects of acetaminophen on heart function. The mice were given water with an acetaminophen dosage equivalent to 500 milligrams per day in adult humans for seven days.

The researchers observed significant changes in the levels of proteins associated with various biochemical pathways crucial for heart function.

These pathways include energy production, antioxidant usage, and the breakdown of damaged proteins.

According to a recent study, even when used at concentrations considered safe for human consumption, acetaminophen can interfere with several signaling pathways in the heart.

The study’s lead author, Gabriela Rivera, a doctoral student at the University of California–Davis, stated that they expected only two to three pathways to be affected, but they discovered over 20 different signaling pathways being disrupted.

Previously, acetaminophen was believed to have a low risk of harmful side effects, but this study provides new insights into its impact, which includes gastrointestinal problems, increased blood pressure, and liver toxicity when used in large doses.

The prolonged use of medium to high doses of acetaminophen may result in heart issues due to the accumulation of toxins that overwhelm the body’s detoxification mechanisms.

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