A Closer Look at Oral Health: Insights from Teresa Yang’s “Nothing But the Tooth”


Dental health, often seen through a narrow lens, holds a broader significance in our overall well-being. Through her enlightening book, “Nothing But the Tooth,” Teresa Yang, DDS, sheds light on the critical aspects of dental care, urging us to view our oral health as a vital part of our holistic health. With over three decades of professional experience and a profound dedication to patient education, Dr. Yang’s insights are an invaluable resource for anyone eager to take proactive steps towards better dental health.

Your Mouth, Your Health

  • Early Warning System: Our mouth often serves as a frontline observer of our overall health. Dr. Yang emphasizes the importance of regular dental check-ups to catch early signs of potential health issues.
  • Knowledge is power: Being well-informed about common dental procedures and practices enables individuals to engage actively in their oral care journey, fostering better patient-dentist relationships.

Tackling Dental Fears

Dr. Yang addresses the common fears surrounding dental procedures such as root canals and gum surgeries, offering clarity and shedding light on modern practices that have significantly reduced the discomfort associated with these treatments.

  • The Truth about Root Canals: Dispelling age-old myths, Dr. Yang provides a clear, fact-based explanation of what a root canal procedure entails and why it’s crucial for preserving oral health.
  • Gum Surgery Unveiled: By breaking down the necessity and procedure of gum surgery, Dr. Yang helps dissipate the cloud of fear that often surrounds this essential dental treatment.

Cost and Care

Dental care, often seen as a costly affair, can be managed better with the right information. Dr. Yang explores various aspects of managing dental care costs without compromising on quality.

  • Affordable Dentistry: Exploring options to offset dental care costs while ensuring quality treatment.
  • Dental Tourism: Weighing the pros and cons of seeking dental treatment abroad to save on costs.

The Future is Bright

Dr. Yang’s book also ventures into the exciting advancements that are reshaping the dental industry.

  • Technological Advancements: From robotics to AI, the future of dentistry promises more efficient and less intimidating dental care experiences.
  • Genetic Engineering in Dentistry: A peek into how genetic engineering can play a role in future dental treatments.

Teresa Yang: An Authority in Dentistry

With a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for patient education, Teresa Yang, DDS, emerges as a trusted voice in the dental community. Her book is not merely a reservoir of dental knowledge but a testament to her patient-first philosophy, aiming to shift the narrative around dental care from fear to empowerment. Dr. Yang’s illustrious career extends beyond her dental practice. Her role as a clinical dentistry and patient management educator at UCLA School of Dentistry, has positioned her as a revered figure in the academic community. As the editor of WestViews, a notable publication of the Western Los Angeles Dental Society, Dr. Yang continues to share invaluable insights on various dental topics, enriching the professional discourse around dental health.

Through “Nothing But the Tooth,” Dr. Yang offers a rich source of information, addressing common queries, debunking myths, and providing actionable advice to individuals across all ages. It’s not merely a book, but a conversation that empowers individuals to engage proactively in their dental health.


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