92% Of Covid Deaths From 2022 – Triple Vaccinated

92% Of Covid Deaths From 2022 – Triple Vaccinated

On February 21st, 2023, the Office for National Statistics (ONS), a UK Government agency, released data on Covid deaths in England up to December 31st, 2022. The figures revealed that the majority of individuals who passed away from Covid had received three or more mRNA vaccines for the virus. Specifically, 92% of Covid-19 deaths in 2022 were accounted for by the triple+ vaccinated population. Additionally, the data indicated that 90% of Covid deaths in England over the past two years were among individuals who had received three or more shots.

The overdue dataset from the ONS is titled “Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 April 2021 to 31 December 2022.”

In May 2021, the number of Covid deaths was at its lowest, with only 205 among those who had received the vaccine and just 84 among those who were not vaccinated. However, a year later, Covid deaths increased drastically by 450%, with 1,494 among the vaccinated and only 96 among the unvaccinated.

This raises questions about the effectiveness of Covid vaccinations, as we would expect to see a decrease in deaths year on year if they were working. Interestingly, the data shows that Covid deaths among the unvaccinated population have become almost non-existent.

Covid in the news

It has been just revealed that Senator Gerard Rennick is making a shocking admission on covid vaccines on camera. Check out the latest reports below.

Here is the relevant video that we found on Twitter:

Someone commented the following:
“God forbid anyone mentions the word transmission to Pfizer Australia because they refuse to acknowledge it.

They were unable to provide Senator Matt Canavan with any evidence to support Albert Bourla’s claims that the vaccine would prevent transmission.

The fundamental basis upon which all mandates were issued has no evidence to support it.

Warning this clip is excruciating to watch.”

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