7.3 Million Patient Real World Study: mRNA Vaccine Causes High Risk Of Retinal Oclusion

7.3 Million Patient Real World Study: mRNA Vaccine Causes High Risk Of Retinal Oclusion

It seems that the covid vaccines are still in the news these days. Check out the latest terrible reports about this issue below.

More terrible effects of covid vaccines 

TS News notes that the Taiwanese researchers from the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital and China Medical University School of Medicine and other colleagues recently had their large 7.3 million patient multi-site real-world study involving COVID-19 vaccine-related retinal vascular occlusion risk published in the journal npj Vaccines (Nature).

“The authors acknowledge “several documented possible complications” associated with the increased vaccination rates linked to the mass COVID-19 vaccination program. In this study, the Taiwan-based medical researchers investigated the risk of retinal vascular occlusion post-COVID-19 vaccination,” the notes reveal.

The same publication also noted the fact that leveraging the real-world data associated with the TriNetX global network of federated medical centers, the study team included persons vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines between the duration from January 2020, and December 2022.

“To ensure better quality data, the protocol excluded persons with any history of retinal vascular occlusion or those who used any systemic medication that could possibly affect blood coagulation before receiving the COVID-19 jab.”

More on covid 

A famous and impressive doctor who has been fighting for people to know the truth has revealed mind-blowing information about the use of masks during the covid pandemic. Check out the latest reports below.

Did face masks work during covid?

He revealed the following: “Masks did work during the pandemic, but not in the way they were communicated. They were used as a social conditioning tool to remind everybody of an alleged deadly pandemic. They were a daily reminder of an invisible enemy that turned out to be much less deadly than claimed.”

The expert concluded by saying: “In summary, face masks worked perfectly: to gaslight, frighten, and manipulate the public. Much like the Covid PCR test, without masks, there would’ve been no pandemic – they merely served as daily reminders of our supposed deadly predicament.”

We suggest that you check out the full thread in order to learn more details about all this. 

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